Posted by: susankayjones | July 11, 2010

SPLICE days 8, 9, 10 (the days i became a slacker and didn’t blog)

sorry i haven’t blogged in a while…here’s what you missed.

wednesday-friday were good days for SPLICE.  actually, some of the best days.

wednesday was simulation day, where they put us in a scenario to guage our response to certain stressors. it was a good exercise, and i think it brought our group closer together…quite literally :). wednesday afternoon was time for personal coaching, and i enjoyed my time with shawna.

thursday was my favorite by far. the topic? sabbath. ah…….they gave us alot of “alone time” to complete some worksheets about how we typically approach sabbath, and then in the afternoon, we got to “practice”. it was amazing. i spent the afternoon outside…overlooking scenic mountains…journal and bible in hand…listening to piano music…twinkle lights overhead…watching a rain storm roll in… was absolute perfection.

friday addressed transition-the different phases…how you feel in them…what causes them…how to cope…and just a little warning that you will go through the process multiple times, for multiple transitions during the departure phase.

as if the notebook graphic wasn’t enough….they demonstrated it by creating a bridge and having a classmate make her way across….explaining how she felt during each “phase.”

i really enjoyed friday because it made me realize some “normal” things that i will encounter during transition, and not to fear or fight them. i’ll eventually come into my “new normal,” but that doesn’t mean it will be easy…even then. all in all, i learned some practical info. and i am very grateful.


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