Posted by: susankayjones | July 6, 2010

SPLICE-day 7 (the day “900” stressed me out)

adversity and stress were the topics of the day today.

we spent the morning looking at adversity in our lives, and in light of the character of God. i was actually really encouraged by the session and small group time. i feel like God has been gracious to me throughout seasons of adversity in my life…and i can see the fruit. doesn’t make me want it in my life, but i can see His goodness and grace in it. the session was packed with tons of scripture, which really resonnated with my heart…was so good to be reminded that trials will come, but that He is unchanging in who He is: loving, good, kind, compassionate, sovereign.

this afternoon we talked stress—how it personally affects us, what triggers it, how we can manage it, etc. we then took the holmes and rahe stress scale inventory. it assigns various life stressors a numerical value and you have to indicate whether that event happened in your last year.

here is the breakdown of the relationship between the score and affect on health:

between 150-199: 37% probability of health change

between 200-299: 50% probability of health change

between 300 and ?: 80% probility of health change

my score? definitely the third category.   this is not to say that i feel stressed in my life right now….i don’t. but, adding up all that’s happened over the last year indicates high stress. (and this scale didn’t have things related to mission work)

we learned that most missionaries live around a 900 level stress scale.

whoa. suffice it to say, this was a wake up call. burnout is a large issue among missionaries and it is primarily due to unmanaged stress on the field (if you’ve followed my blog, you know that conflict among other teammates/missionaries can create tremendous stress). 

i think it will take some time for me to process through a stress-management plan. it’s my “homework” over the next few days. i’m open to any suggestions! what has worked for you?

take the test yourself here.


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