Posted by: susankayjones | July 5, 2010

SPLICE-day 6 (the day i reached my conflict capacity)

we’ve spent alot of time talking about conflict. a-lot.

but, here’s why: the number one reason missionaries return home from the field early or don’t return to the field after furlough is because of conflict. NOT conflict with their host culture. NOT spiritual conflict (although this certainly could be, and likely is, the underlying cause). but instead, conflict with OTHER missionaires—either on their team, or others in their area.

how crazy is that?

it’s sad, but true. so, i understand why we have spent so much time on conflict, and i suspect we’ll continue to talk about it. i think after talking through all the different styles, how they make you feel, what you appreciate about them, how they interact with yours….it’s quite exhausting. we’re a little spent.

but “spent” isn’t so bad. i’d much rather be “spent” now than “spent” due to unresolved conflict on the field. i suppose, it is time well “spent” afterall :).



  1. i’m a little conflicted about you leaving… i’m not sure how i feel about it… ha! kidding. i know this is awesome for you, and obedience is a peaceful place to be with god… i’m totally stoked for you and with you. love you so much.

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