Posted by: susankayjones | July 3, 2010

fun run + parade + nap = HAPPY 4th! (er..3rd)

i am LOVING being in palmer lake, colorado. i think i may just be a small town girl at heart…who knew!

today, a group of us participated in the palmer lake elementary fun run. it was 4 miles and ended in monument, colorado—yet another quaint town. i think it should tell you something that starting in palmer lake and ending in monument only required 4 miles of walking! ๐Ÿ™‚

but, this wasn’t just any fun run…it was my FIRST EVER race of anyย  kind. obviously i wasn’t “racing” anywhere, but i still had a blast. being the dork that i am, i had to document every step!

picking up the race packet on friday:

and here we were this morning pre-race:

and we’re off…

and of course….every mile marker thereafter…

(have no idea why i have such awkward leg positions in these photos)

shortly after the 2 mile marker, one of the bracket winners ran past us going the other direction (back to his car at the starting point). yep, that’s right. he had finished the 4 mile race, and passed us 2 miles into his “return” run. hmmm…him-6 miles, us-2.

felt a little like…

but we kept going…and had so much FUN along the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

We ran into Bruce from our group returning home shortly after the 3 mile marker.

and then FINALLY got to the finish!

wa hoo!

then…we showered, and went back into “town” for the parade. it was such an awesome parade! 2 hours!

the BEST part of the parade was watching the veterans show respect every time someone from the armed forces passed by. i really think my generation just doesn’t grasp honor and respect for our military like this.

makes me REALLY excited for church at the air force academy tomorrow!!!!!!!!

fun surprise at the parade was running into my friend who now lives in england with her husband. we were planning to get together next week, but was so fun to have a surprise reunion on the streets of palmer lake!

all in all—-AMAZING day!

happy 4th!


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