Posted by: susankayjones | July 2, 2010

SPLICE day 5 (the day i realized i was an owl)

conflict was the word of the day today.

we spent both morning and afternoon sessions discussing it. honestly, the length of time we spent talking about conflict created it in my own heart! 🙂 i was really ready to be done today! perhaps it’s because the weekend is here, and i’m ready to rest!

seriously though, it was really good today to dig into the different styles of conflict: shark (competition), owl (collaboration), fox (compromising), turtle (avoidance), and teddy bear (accomodation). after assessing ourselves, we dug a little deeper into how the Bible both supports or warns against all of the different styles.

point: all are necessary, all are good—if used correctly and appropriately.

this weekend, we have homework related to how we handle conflict, and it will be interesting to see how my style changes based on who the conflict is with. if you have any insight on how you have observed me in conflict, please let me know!

aftr dinner, a group of us went to grab dessert at a really quaint italian restaurant down the road (literally). i’m thinking this will be my birthday dinner place on the 12th. we’ll see….

tomorrow, i’m participating in the palmer lake fun run! i’m SO excited. it’s my first official “race”. of course, i’ll be walking the entire way. maybe i’m a turtle afterall?



  1. hahaha… turtle…

  2. RUN, SUSAN, RUN!!! (In the voice of BP: Row! Susan, Row!) 🙂

    • ha ha…that’s awesome. 🙂 “i AM”!

  3. i so need to get caught up on your blog…but i saw where you said you were an owl and i cracked up!!!! i think it was the influence of living in elsby!!!!!

    • um, obviously! she is most def an owl…for life!

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