Posted by: susankayjones | July 1, 2010

SPLICE day 4 (the day “lifestyle choice” took on a new meaning)

today’s been great!

this morning we spent alot of time talking about expectations and lifestyle choices. it was really encouraging.

i feel like i have a better understanding of all that goes “in” to expectations. it’s quite complex. more than that, i learned how to process the paradox between my dreams, my expectations and reality. moving cross-culturally, there will be dreams and expectations that are not met with reality. i have a ways to go in identifying these, but today was a good start!

then, we learned alot about lifestyle choices. overseas, we are faced with all sorts of decisions re: how we will live. today, i realized that there might be others around me who may have differing opinions re: how i live, including supporters, other missionaries, friends, nationals, etc.. the example we discussed was what type of housing we will have on the field. do you live exactly as you would in the US? do you completely assimilate into your host culture? what are the perceptions of the nationals re: how you live? who should be considered in these types of decisions?

all very interesting things to think about…and that’s just one issue! we discussed that first and foremost GOD is our authority…and we will disappoint others at some point in our journey re: lifestyle choices. oddly, i felt comforted by that. knowing that i won’t be perceived as perfect.

we also had our first one-on-one personal counseling session with our coach. i was really blessed by my time with shawna today! we will have 2 more sessions throughout the remainder of SPLICE.

OH….I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! i signed up for my VERY first “race.” it’s just a palmer lake 4th of july fun run, but i’m SO excited! it’s 4 miles—flat(ish), and i plan to walk with several from our group. it should be SO fun! race is 7:15 on saturday.

i’m mostly excited that i will get a number for my shirt and a t-shirt! and yes…pictures WILL be forthcoming.



  1. Don’t hurt your ankle! Seriously though, have fun. I have loved seeing your pictures. I am sure it will be a beautiful place to participate in your first race. I’l say a prayer for you.

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