Posted by: susankayjones | June 30, 2010

SPLICE day 3 (the day i was asked how much i weighed)

you know what they say about assuming…..

well, today we caught a glimpse of our own cultural biases through an exercise and some great teaching. it really is amazing to think how much your values, expectations, etc. are shaped by your own cultural “norm”. figuring out what different cultures value is really quite complicated, because there are so many factors that play into it.

today, i was used as part of an illustration that demonstrated how much goes into a cultural norm. another classmate and  i were called to the front of the room and the facilitator asked, “so, how much do you weigh?” we were  “in” on the exercise, and were told to respond with disgust non-verbally.

it was really fun(ny) to watch the class come to our defense. they quickly pointed out that THAT question wasn’t ok to ask. what followed was banter between the class and our teacher re: why it’s not ok in the US to ask those questions….and how it’s not ok to ask that question of a female, but more acceptable to ask a male….or possibly acceptable to ask it in a certain setting (medical).  it really opened our eyes to how we view our cultural norms/values, and how we can easily view others’ behaviors and actions based on our own frame of reference.

interesting stuff!



  1. i wanted to throw up in my mouth at the title….

  2. being asked how much you weigh = FUN!
    j/k. i’m jealous. no, really.

  3. so interesting! and btw, love the newsletter!!! take some pics of these cute little towns you are visiting. 🙂

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