Posted by: susankayjones | June 29, 2010

SPLICE-day 2 (the day of “overview”)

today we spent the morning getting an overview of the entire SPLICE program. it was exciting to see where we are headed over the next 3 weeks.

in our morning session, we had to fill out something that described our feeling about being inS PLICE—one word answers.

mine were: excited, apprehensive about emotional drain, and READY! i think over the last month or so, i have had a renewed sense of excitement about going to the field. being in colorado has only increased that excitement.

in the afternoon, we continued overview of where we are headed, did a group activity to show us our framework from which we operate is automatically how we determine “right, wrong, natural,”, etc. it was interesting.

after dinner, we introduced one of my favorite hikes to some of the people attending SPLICE who have not been here since our PILAT training. (13 of us stayed over for this program). then….i may or may not have gotten ice cream at the cutest little place ever! MTI sits just next to several small towns, and it has been so fun exploring them…especially their food! 🙂

tomorrow we begin meeting in our “growth groups”. i can already tell that i will know and love these 6 women by the end of our time together. ok…gotta go. i actually have HOMEWORK to do tonight!


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