Posted by: susankayjones | June 28, 2010

And we begin…SPLICE day 1 (the day kleenex scared me)

After a restful, fun, laughter-filled weekend with a small group of the “stayovers”, today marks our introduction to SPLICE. It’s a new group of classmates (minus the 13 who stayed on from the PILAT program), and ALOT of families! I think there are over 30 kids here for the next 3 weeks. whew! good think i have earplugs. 🙂

this program is going to be wonderful…but it will also be draining. the acronymn SPLICE stands for Spiritual, Personal, Lifestyle, Interpersonal, Cultural and Endure/Enjoy. basically, we will be spending the next 3 weeks delving into each of these categories and how they relate to living cross-culturally. i am very excited about it, but certainly not naive to think it will be easy, or carefree.

how do i know? EVERY single table has a box of kleenex on it. uh-oh.

but, at least we have the mountains and hiking trails to give us an outlet! i think MTI knew what they were doing when they put us in the middle of God’s gorgeous creation to enjoy on a daily basis!



  1. LOVE you! Can’t wait for details!!! Can’t wait for you to be back in Texas!

  2. I’m excited about you beginning SPLICE this week. And, yes, I’ve heard it’s an intense week, but God will move and work in mighty ways. Have fun an laugh a lot (along w/ all the crying).

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