Posted by: susankayjones | June 25, 2010

PILAT-day 8 (aka-making the most of our last night)

today was a bit bittersweet as i realized that some of the friends i’ve come to enjoy greatly will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. they are not staying over for the SPLICE program which starts monday.

i’m sad knowing that this could likely be the last time i see many of them, as they head off all around the world for the sake of the gospel. i guess that’s why it’s bittersweet. i’m sad to see them go, but also encouraged and await with anticipation to hear how God is using them across the world for HIS glory!

here’s a picture of a group of us who went into town (and i mean town) to hang out. my sides still hurt from laughing so hard!

there are about 13 of us staying over for the next 3 weeks for SPLICE. from what i hear our class is BIG! about 37 adults and over 30 kids! that’s a HUGE class!!!

this weekend will be quiet here at MTI. there are only a handful of us that will be on site. i think we may go to garden of the gods and do a little hiking….and i definitely want to return to this spot to do some reading, journalling, praying…you name it!

PILAT will end tomorrow—and i am so glad i’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this program! well worth it!



  1. That was a very sweet time of fellowship… getting to know some better than we’d have ever thought… laughing so hard my sides were seriously aching… and joining in the mutual awe at the work and call of God in each of our lives.

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