Posted by: susankayjones | June 24, 2010

PILAT day 7 (aka-s’mores+fellowship+worship+fire=greatness)

today was yet again, a wonderful day in the gorgeous state of colorado. i continue to be amazed at the weather here. it’s absolutely PERFECT!

each day, we our schedule is structured to have class from 8:45-12:15 and then 1:30-4:00. they have done a wonderful job of mixing up our class time with alot of variety, including: large group class, small group drill practice, language group activities, etc. this morning, we met to learn about how to pick/utilize language helpers. it’s been really interesting to learn alot of tips regarding language learning in other cultures. more on that later.

in case you are wondering what it looks like when we have group class, here is a picture.

in drill practice, we reviewed bilabial and velar fricatives and also learned lateral fricatives. if you can tell me what those are, i will be impressed! 🙂 more importantly, if you can pronouce them—you get an extra gold star.

this afternoon we had some one on one time with a teacher to discuss our individual “plan of action” for language learning. (they have been giving us ideas throughout). it was a really great meeting, and my only complaint is that it ended too soon!

after our afternoon session, i went on a hike with alisha and another classmate, melanie. here are some pictures:

The hike was great, but my FAVORITE part of the evening was enjoying s’mores, great fellowship and worship with my classmates! it was awesome!!!



  1. I have loved reading your posts/ updates everyday, Susan! Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Know that I am thinking about/ praying for you daily! Look forward to seeing you when you get back (hopefully)!

    PS- Awesome fire pit!

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