Posted by: susankayjones | June 23, 2010

PILAT day 6 (aka-au revior Trude)

this morning we had our final session with our language helper, where we practiced techniques we learned with her. trude is our language helper and she was awesome! here is our class with trude:

today’s technique involved drawing sketches to help us remember words and phrases. it is really very interesting to realize how apt our brains are for learning a language—far more than i realized. it has really given me great hope for spanish!

after class, a group of us went to climb a rock/mountain which had some awesome views overlooking the city where MTI is (Palmer Lake, CO).

what a great day!!!



  1. seriously… so glad you are surrounded by beautiful creation while your brain is simmering in beautiful languages. love you susan.

    • i know…it’s kind of ridiculous. i have spent alot of time thanking God for this opportunity to soak in such stellar training while surrounded by his magnificent creation. it’s almost unfair :).

  2. it IS unfair. you said it, not me! 😉 hee hee. i’m not bitter. ok, maybe a little.

  3. you are doing such a great job updating! yeah!

    we need to STOP playing phone tag!

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