Posted by: susankayjones | June 20, 2010


yesterday, a group of 15 or so left in the morning to hike all day.

first stop: mt. herman

it was a great hike…definitely got my heart rate pumping…and provided some spectacular views of pikes’ peak! i think it was about 9,000 ft. elevation at the top, but don’t be too impressed…we didn’t start at the very bottom! 🙂

here are some pics:

then, after lunch, a smaller group of us went a little farther down to hike in between some other mountains. this hike wasn’t as challenging, but was longer, and awarded us some phenomonal landscapes to admire! plus, we came to a lake toward the end! there’s just something about mountains and lakes together that make my soul stirred for worship.

BUT…the MOST FUN part of the hike yesterday was an unplanned diversion from the trail once we hit a dead end. we weren’t allowed to cross the dam, but needed to get to the other side. so, naturally, we trail-blazed and did some mountain scaling to get to the top, where we found a trail. these pictures don’t do it justice at all…but trust me, it was a challenge—holding on to rocks and roots for dear life on the ascent–on all fours scaling the mountain…FUN!

kind of made me realize that the best things, and most fun surprises happen when we DON’T plan them! for a planner, this was a great reminder!



  1. yeah… plans are great starting places…

  2. I agree, mountains and Colorado in the summer are just spectacular !!
    I’m so happy to hear you are doing so well – hiking, exercising, and becoming fluent in French, which will prepare you for Espanol!!
    We are all praying for you, Susan, that this experience will be even more than you ever imagined.

  3. Oh, and why do people live anywhere else besides Colorado? I DON’T KNOW – IT WILL BE 100 HERE TODAY!! 🙂

  4. love the tan line…… 😉

    • oh girl…that isn’t a tan line. it’s a DIRT line. we got a little messy scaling the mountain :).

  5. i remember dirt lines! it’s been too long since i’ve experienced that…sigh. looks like i might be up in CO right about the time that you leave…bummah.

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