Posted by: susankayjones | June 18, 2010

PILAT-day 4 + weekend (aka-speaking french and the anticipation of mountains!)

today we had another half day with our “language helpers” in our groups of 6. it was a bit more challenging today, as we used some of the speaking activities that we learned. so, i can now officially ask where someone is going in french, if i can go with them, hello/goodbye, take a seat, would you like a cup of tea or coffee…and a few others.

but…the point isn’t that we are learning french—-it’s that we are learning techniques on HOW to learn with a completely integrated approach. it’s quite awesome.

this afternoon we had more drills—this time learning the “high” and “low” L sounds, a trill and a wedged “r”. i don’t really expect you to understand that…i will say my vocabularly has increased to include words like “velar, fricative, aspirated, voiced/non-voiced, bi-labial, barred.”  jealous?

we are OFF this weekend! wa hoo! tonight i am laying low, but continuing my workout training regime with my personal trainer :). honestly, alisha’s helping me alot with RA-sensitive workouts and stretches. tonight—abs and arms, with a pinch of cardio. when i get back from colorado, i’m going to be so buff—watch out!

tomorrow i am going HIKING with a big group from our class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wa hoo! apparently we are hiking several mountains. not to worry—pictures WILL follow. i’m pumped! oh…have i mentioned how unbelievably amazing the weather is here? seriously. why do people live anywhere else? oh wait a minute…

i imagine sunday will be low key… that’s the perfect day to call me if you want to catch up! would love to hear from you!


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