Posted by: susankayjones | June 17, 2010

PILAT—day 3 (aka-learning French)

today has been awesome!

for the past few days, we have been learning (through observation and participation) several methods for learning language. surprisingly, none of them have involved me seeing the words written—just listening, doing, repeating, putting words together, etc.

in class, they have demonstrated these methods by teaching us some of the Jeh language in Vietnam. it has been facinating to see how much we can learn/retain/recall by using these methods.

so…today and tomorrow, we are put into smaller groups, and have outside “language helpers” who have come in to allow us to practice these techniques. my group is assigned to french.

we spent the morning, each taking turns leading the techniques that we were taught, and i was shocked at how much we learned in such a short amount of time WITHOUT seeing words! i have always thought i was a “visual” learner…but i am now realizing it is more about being engrossed in the learning than “seeing” words. we do use props (ie-drawings of a house, bank, colors, etc.)…which really helps to have the immersed experience of seeing, doing, hearing, repeating, etc.

we have been told repeatedly to approach language learning as a child approaches their native language—-take time to listen for a while—experience it. language learning is not academic…which is honestly a huge relief, considering my less than stellar grades in spanish class this year :).

it’s been such a blast!!! can’t wait for tomorrow!!



  1. great update! can’t wait to talk and hear more!

  2. susan… i’m so glad you getting filled like this… love you so much

  3. i love how often you are updating!!!

  4. SO FUN! I wish I was there to go through this course too! Take good notes! (which I know for a fact is what you do best) Miss you, friend!

  5. Ah, this is so fun to read! That training your going through is reminding me of the little bit of linguistic training I did in PNG. We could only listen and not repeat and it was crazy how much we could understand of the tribal language!!
    Glad to hear you are loving it!

    • that’s awesome nic! i know we are just scratching the surface, but it is so much fun!!

  6. i’m testing your french knowledge when you get back

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