Posted by: susankayjones | June 17, 2010

PILAT–day 2

today started out with an “early morning” workout. it was at 7:00, but for me that is ear-ly to be doing anything except drinking coffee, hitting snooze, or maybe taking a shower. but, never…never does it involve working out. i really think my teammate, alisha, is going to be a great influence in this area of my life. the early workout was, in fact, her suggestion.

today, we learned alot about vowels. apparently there are at least 1 million vowel sounds we are able to make. it’s been SO facinating to learn about linguistics. maybe i’m a geek…correction: i AM a geek…but this kind of stuff excites me! but more importantly, i am already realizing how beneficial this will be in learning spanish.


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