Posted by: susankayjones | June 9, 2010

volcano eruption, agatha and a sinkhole

it has been surprising to me that many people i’ve talked to in the US have not heard about tropical storm agatha. this storm has been devastating in central america–many lives lost, homes destroyed, damages costly.

please join me in praying for the country of guatemala who has been severaly affected by this storm. prior to the storm, there was a volcano that erupted, and follwing the storm, a three-story building was swallowed by a giant sinkhole.

i e-mailed the some of the church leadership from casa de libertad. here is what they had to say…

 “The church is fine and our members were kept from harm, thank God!!!
Todayvwe are taking donations of provisions to the thousands of
displaced people and will also be looking for opportunities to help
out as the rebuilding and other efforts roll out. This will be an
amazing time to minister to those in need!!!!”

praise God they are all safe. i imagine there will still be ministry to those affected by this storm by the time we arrive in august. praying that God would open hearts through this hardship, and reveal Himself as the only Solid Rock!



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