Posted by: susankayjones | June 7, 2010


in the last 10 days, i have had very sweet reunions.

the first batch came when i went “home” to ft. lauderdale to participate in my old churches’ youth reunion. there was just something sweet about seeing the faces of those i grew up with. some faces haven’t changed a bit. but all of us have changed in life. what a joy to hear about my friends who are serving in ministry, in missions, in the military…i was proud to call them friends.

i think the most impactful thing was to realize that the experience of my church youth group was special. it impacted me in a way that no one can really describe. that was kind of the prevailing thought of everyone leaving the reunion. we had a chance to refelct on the goodness of God to allow us to sit under solid teaching, participate in ministry and missions as a youth, and grow in our wisdom, stature, favor with God and man.

the second reunion has come through a visit to austin. though i could not see all of my friends there, the Lord certainly ordained the meetings i had. it was another reminder of the great provision He has given me….always…of amazing, loving, Truth-speaking friends. (unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures with everyone, but the last two above are from austin!)

it kind of made me think a little about heaven…and how wonderful the Reunion of ALL Reunions will be. of course, i have no idea what it looks like…or honestly that a feeling of reunion will even happen. ideally, once there, we’ll all be so naturally inclined to glorify and praise God that nothing else matters. but if reunion does happen…it will be so sweet!


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