Posted by: susankayjones | April 16, 2010


so, the school i work for launched an event last year called the Zig Ziglar Servant Leadership Award banquet. zig ziglar is the granddad of one of our students, and is also an amazing speaker, motivator, salesman and author. zig has had a long career and is widely respected and loved. he’s also known for his quick wit, quotable quotes and charm! i have had the sincere pleasure of spending time with he and his wife, and i can honestly say i left blessed by his presence. upon meeting him, i extended my hand in introduction, to which he replied, “honey, i don’t shake ladies’ hands,” and then proceeded to hug my neck tightly. then i asked, “mr. ziglar..what have you been up to today”…his reply…”oh, about 210.” love that man.

but, i digress…

this event is large. our team has been planning it for about a year (literally…since the last one ended :))….and one of the purposes of the event is to raise money for my school’s tuition assistance program. such a worthy cause.

anyway…the night went off without a hitch, and it was a wonderful evening that included amazing success stories of tuition assistnce, applauding zig and his wife and honoring a worthy award reciepient, mike fechner. there was alot of heart in this event, but i have to say my favorite part of the evening was when our award recipient flat out presented the gospel on stage. it was powerful.

i am glad that this event went so well. it was a bg mountain…and being on the other side feels both great, and also a little unsettling. it’s like planning a year for a wedding, only to have the ‘letdown’ the following week—-but…more on this emotional journey in my next post.

for now…my feeling?




  1. bummer that you don’t get a honeymoon after the event!

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