Posted by: susankayjones | March 28, 2010

behold, the Lamb of God

today i got to teach some kids about Jesus as the Sacrifical Lamb. it was weighty.

we talked about everyone having “sick hearts” because we all have sin. and sin separates us from God. and sin deserves death.

under Old Covenant, God implemented a sacrifical system, whereby people had to take a perfect (without blemish) animal (bull, goat, lamb depending on the circumstance) and kill it at the altar. blood sacrifice was required for their forgiveness. as they killed the animal, they would be “saying” let this animal take the punishment for my sin, and the death that i deserve.

the problem with that system, was that it was never good enough, because the blood of animals could never fully atone for sin.

enter Sacrifical Lamb.

Jesus is the only person qualified for this title because He alone is perfect. He alone could absorb God’s just wrath when He shed His own blood as a “lamb led to slaughter.”

on the cross, he died, and took the sins of those who love and trust Him: His children.

i wanted so badly to tell the rest of the story, but today was about Jesus’ sacrifice. His death.

it was weighty. and i’m glad.

it can become easy to brush sin under the rug and convince ourselves we’re not “that bad.” correction: we are.

tonight, i am thankful for Jesus, my sacrifical Lamb, who offered His body in exchage for my sin.



  1. The Gospel – powerful words. Thanks for sharing. Prayed for you today.

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