Posted by: susankayjones | March 21, 2010

florida’s unexpected gift

this past week, i travelled to ft. lauderdale to visit my parents over spring break. ah, the joys of working at a school!

i exepcted good things: quality time with mom and dad, great food (all my favorites from mom), good weather.

i was not expecting to leave blessed and overwhelmed by a sweet group of women with whom i met last saturday. as we met over brunch (delicious, i might add), i looked around the table at women who have taught me, mentored me and invested in me over 30 years. these women know God…they love God…and they are students of His word.

toward the end of the *cough, cough* second round of breakfast cassrole, i had an opportunity to recount the ways the Lord has worked in my life from an early age. normally when i share with people about my “journey”, i always include my testimony. but there was something different recounting my testimony with women who lived it with me. women who saw my life, saw my pain, saw my joy, saw my growth…and were a part of God’s plan for sanctification. it was beautiful.

needless to say, it was a joyful time of recalling God’s blessings, and informing them about this next step the Lord has directed for me into full time missions. their smiles and head nods confirmed to me full support in this endeavor, and i felt encouraged. loved. overwhelmed. these women are coming with me on this journey. their investment in my life has not ended.

the greatest gift i could have ever received was the time of prayer that commenced after sharing details about guatemala. this wasn’t just your typical time of prayer. no. the Spirit of the Lord was present and active as we held hands and petitioned the Lord. to say it was a blessing wouldn’t give it justice. it was tender. it was powerful. it was soul-stirring.

i think i cried with every prayer offered by each of the women around that table. tears of  joy, mixed with tears of overwhelming gratitude for them, for this opportunity, but most of all, for the Lord. i can’t believe He has blessed me from the time i was a little girl with such a wonderful support system. who knew i’d need them again all these years later.

thank you joy, marianne, celia, cynthia, kathy and mom (and for the many other women who could not be there: susie, jan, wendy l., cindy, grace, carolyn, lisa). love you!


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