Posted by: susankayjones | March 8, 2010

i am seriously a blessed woman.

about 2 monts ago, i found out that a group of people who have known me 20+ years have started a concerted prayer effort for my entrance into full time missions. they have been faithfully praying EVERY day specific requests that i made known to them during this “pre” season.

i am told that each day, the prayers are e-mailed to my friend at, who will compile a book of these prayers for me before i leave.

i know that many of you have been praying for me. THANK YOU! i would love to hear them. anytime you feel led to pray for me, for guatemala, for this season, please consider e-mailing the above address with what you prayed for me in that moment.

what a testament to the Lord this will be when the book is complete! to see all the answered prayer….to know that He allowed you to play a part in it…to see His hand of support through the body of Christ… be overwhelmed by His love for me through provision of YOU…wow!

like i said. i am a blessed woman.


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