Posted by: susankayjones | February 28, 2010


Recently, I have been challenged, encouraged, but mostly transformed by a sermon my roommate sent me from John Piper. It is called “Today’s mercy for today’s troubles.” I assure you…this has been a powerful tool in my ongoing battle with fear.

The crux of the sermon is this: God will give you grace and mercy and strength for TODAY, not tomorrow. Tomorrow’s need for grace, mercy and strength will not be given today, because it’s not needed today. 

How simple, but remarkably profound.

What if I truly lived my life, trusting God will all my tomorrows, and receiving from him His daily dose of grace, mercy and strength that He provides based on what HE deems best for TODAY…not tomorrow…not 3 months from now…heck, not 3 years from now.

Planners like me have a hard time living today for today only. And, sometimes there are good things that come from that…but sometimes there are sinful attitudes that come from that too. Like fear. Like anxiety. Like distrust.

Piper pulls from 2 key scripture (though has others to support) this concept: Matthew 6:34 and Lamentations 3:22-24. Each day DOES have enough trouble of its own. Who am I to even KNOW tomorrow’s trouble, to worry about it? It really does seem silly. And, to boot, God’s mercies ARE new every morning. Every. Morning. They are specific to my day….not my month…my year…my tomorrow. TODAY.

Because of the profound impact this has had in my life, I was inspired to summarize this Truth in a poem. It’s rough around the edges, but just came out during one of my journaling times this past weekend.


Today He will deem pleasure
Today He will deem pain
Today He will lovingly lead me to
Paths for His glory, my gain

Today He will equip me
Today He gives strength to me
Today His mercies are made new
To live life sufficiently

Tomorrow will bring troube
Though tomorrow’s lot unseen
Tomorrow’s strength to carry tomorrow’s burden
will surely sustain me.

So, today I lay my worry
For “tomorrow” at your throne
And ask for faith to leave it there
Since I am unable, alone

Read Piper’s sermon if you have time. It is well worth the next 10 minutes of your life!



  1. Thanks for reminding me of this simple truth. Love the poem too — especially the last verse!

  2. First of all, beautiful poem! And secondly, I totally and completely relate to what you are talking about here and God has really been teaching me the same thing. Great stuff!
    Can’t wait to chat with you!!

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