Posted by: susankayjones | February 23, 2010

oh….we’re half way there….

your response: ohhhh-livin’ on a prayer

so, in case you didn’t figure it out…i am a little over HALFWAY to my support goal!

this is truly exciting, as the LORD has brought together an amazing and generous team of supporters so far. what a blessing!

but this also means i still have HALFWAY to go…so please continue to pray the Lord will raise up additional supporters…and that it will happen soon!

the last few months of working full-time and support raising full-time has really been taxing on me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. the Lord has taught me so much, and the growth has been rich. for that reason, i do not regret one painful moment. however, i am also ready for this “season” to wrap up!

please take a moment and consider if the Lord is calling you to join the team. if so, click the “support information” tab above or e-mail me to discuss options:

finally, help connect me with people you know but i don’t! i have heard from GCM (my sending agency) that most of their missionaries raise support primarily from people they do not know!

thank you for your support, either through prayer, finances, emotional or spiritualĀ encouragement….the Lord has used you mightily. keep it up!!! or, as bon jovi would say, “take my hand, and we’ll make it, i swear!”


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