Posted by: susankayjones | February 9, 2010

casa de oracion

house of prayer.

when i moved into 4814 elsby on august 28, i entered a house of prayer.

i cannot tell you how grateful i am for jen stetter and ashley marble. these women, whom i have been blessed to live with, have been used by God for my sanctification and have stirred my affections for God.

we pray alot at elsby. it has been one of the biggest blessings the Lord has given me through this.

praying out loud, in groups, presenting requests at HIS feet….this is beautiful. this is right.

i pray that our home in guatemala will be the same. i pray that your home is too.



  1. yay! love this. we were just talking about what a providential blessing this house has been!

  2. Susan, I love this blog, I feel like I just had a convo with you. I read again about your Christmas gift from Meredith and friends. I laughed out loud at the last line, “I hope you make it”!! Ha!!! such cuteness!

  3. […] that this would be a house of prayer and that we would be women of prayer.  My roommate stated it here.  But seriously…I don’t know if this house knows what hit it.  The spirit is welcomed […]

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