Posted by: susankayjones | January 31, 2010

Meet Hannah and Alisha!

Some of you who aren’t part of The Village might be interested in “meeting” the girls I will serve alongside in Guatemala. I am truly enjoying getting to know these girls and know the Lord will unite us deeply through our common mission.

Support team, meet Hannah.

Hannah is a kind-hearted, organized, multi-tasking fool with a sweet spirit who loves Jesus and is stirred by serving His “little” children. Hannah is not only a pre-school teacher, she also works at The Village Church in the pre-school ministry. I love Hannah’s heart to raise up young children in Truth and shepherd their young hearts. Also her desire to serve others is incredibly evident when you spend any length of time with her at all. I am excited to learn from Hannah, and be spurred toward the selfless service she models. You can follow her journey to Guatemala here.

Support team, meet Alisha.

Alisha is a fun-loving, God-seeker with a free and magnetic spirit about her. She has a passion to serve God through missions and shepherding the hearts of youth through mentoring and “doing life” with them. Alisha’s commitment to “her girls” is inspiring and paints a beautiful portrait of her service to the Lord. I love being around Alisha because she is hilarious and her “It’ll all work out” mentality will definitely keep the worrier in me grounded. Alisha is also our fitness/heath guru and I’m excited to learn from her! Follow Alisha’s journey here.

The Lord has been teaching me alot about the importance of unity, and I am praying for continued unity among the 3 of us. Please join me in praying these verses over our team.

Philippians 2:1-4
Acts 4:32



  1. […] SPLICE is designed to help us develop practical skills and attitudes that will help us adjust to life in another culture. “splice” stands for spiritual, personal, lifestyle, interpersonal, cultural and endurance training. i have heard that this training is “intense.” that is the word everyone i know who has been through it uses to describe it. so, i’m not totally sure what to expect…but i know it will be a very helpful tool, and i am praying God would continue to refine our team through this training. join me in praying for our team! […]

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