Posted by: susankayjones | January 21, 2010

guatemalan job description

many of you have asked, “so, what will you be doing in guatemala?” so, here goes!

first off, i don’t expect any two days to look alike. what i do expect is for me to be surprised, challenged, sanctified and delighted by daily life in guatemala.

we’ve been given team objectives as well as individual objectives.

here are just a few of the things i am excited about doing:

  • meeting with elders/pastor’s wives to develop women’s ministry/training
  • integration of english speaking members of casa de libertad (the church we are working with) into greater casa de libertad community
  • english training at fundaninos (the orphanage we’ll work with) and casa de libertad
  • coordinate events for casa de libertad
  • support short-term teams from The Village (my home church)
  • web content management for fundaninos and casa de libertad
  • singing with the worship team (they haven’t heard me yet though…this one might be short-lived!)

i am so grateful to for the opportunity to be part of casa de libertad and fundaninos. i can’t wait to begin serving with them!



  1. Wow. You will be a busy girl. They will so blessed by you.

    • thank you kirk! what an encourager you are!

  2. There should of been a be in there.

  3. i can’t wait for this singing bit. you best be singing in service the time i come to visit!

  4. I think you would be great in Guatemala Idol! YEAH!

  5. I just would like to thank ladies you for having such a beautiful heart!!!!
    God bless you for giving your time to my country and my people!!!!
    We are anxiously waiting for you and can’t hardly wait to see all the wonderful things the Lord will do here in Guatemala.
    WELCOME TO GUATEMALA Susana, Hannah and Alisha!!!!!

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