Posted by: susankayjones | January 4, 2010

best. christmas. present. ever.

touched. overwhelmed. humbled. honored. speechless.

these are just a few of the emotions i felt as i opened what will likely always be my favorite christmas present of all time.

i have 1 neice, age 10 and 3 nephews, ages 9, 5, and 3. i love these kids like my own.

when meredith (neice) handed me the envelope gift to open Christmas morning, i thought it was a cute card she had made. what fell out was simply shocking. as i opened the card, a wad of cash fell into my lap. confused, i looked at her and asked, “what on earth?”…as she pointed to the card and instructed me to read it. instead of telling you about it…read it for yourself.

now you know why it will be incredibly hard to top that gift. because it wasn’t a gift for me. it was a gift for God. those kiddos taught me alot in that moment about giving from the heart, and no matter the barriers (in their case, the fact that they had no “income” of their own), if it is for God and with God, nothing is impossible. praise God for their faith and desire to honor Him. what a tender display of selflesness that will impact my life forever.

may you, too, be stirred by the faith of a child today.

me and mer



  1. crying. now. wow.

    • i cry everytime i tell it! apparently she and the other kids made cookies and sold them around the neighborhood, asked neighbors to do chores, etc. this was truly a sacrificial gift, and i was so humbled by them!

  2. Amazing Susan. The Lord provides in such unexpected ways. What a beautiful testimony.

  3. Very touching. Which trip are you planning on going on this year? I am still praying what to do this year. Romania or Guatemala. Or, should I take a huge leap and try both. Love your blog, looks like all is well.

    • Hey Kirk! Actually, I’ll be going with The Village for at least a year! We’ll be working with Casa de Libertad in Guatemala City, and we are leaving in August!

      • Are you saying you are going to live in Guatemala for at least a year? How awesome is that. Please, keep us informed. We would like to help you with that. Are you still workinig at Prestonwood? I am thinking of attending next weeks prospective parent luncheon.

  4. umm…this is the most wonderful story ever! Why am I just now hearing about it!?!? I love it…and you.

    • sorry ash! i completely flaked on that :).

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