Posted by: susankayjones | December 30, 2009

Because He Cares…


God cares for me. I know this. But sometimes, I need Him to really reveal “simple”, yet completely complex Truth to me. This happened a few weeks ago.

I had the entire weekend alone with the Lord. Seriously. Just me and Him. I did not see another soul, except for a few strangers at the grocery store. What the Lord did that weekend was truly remarkable.

Lately, I have felt God leading me to dig into both 2 Corinthians and 1 Peter. Honestly, I don’t know what prompted that, other than the Lord leading it. That weekend, I had been struggling intensely with feeling paralyzed in the support raising process. After waiting so long for final approvals, acceptances, etc, when the green light came, I froze. That was unexpected.

I spent time in 1 Peter 5, just meditating on His Word, and it took a weekend with the Lord for Him to reveal to me the root of my sins of fear and anxiety: pride. Ick. Pride has so many ugly faces, and I needed to look in the mirror to see the one that needed to be wiped clean. But I could not do that. No. It was the Lord who reminded me that Jesus had absorbed my sin AND the wrath of God on the cross, and took on my fear, my pride, my anxiety BECAUSE HE CARES. I felt immediately un-burdened. He does not desire for us to live under the yoke of sin, and all the unhealthy life patterns we create because of them.

Praise God. He has truly changed my heart and allowed me to walk freely and confidently into support raising, and continues to teach me that it really is all about Him. All of it.

So, thank you for praying for me. And rejoice in this victory, but do not stop praying. I am not naive to think that I will never battle this one again. But, I’m thankful for a victory today, nonetheless, and praising God because He cares for me!


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