Posted by: susankayjones | December 6, 2009

thanks and giving


i celebrated thanksgiving with my family. mom, dad, my sister, brother in law and their 4 children.

my heart is always full upon returning from time with them, but this year, i am particularly grateful. my 8 year old nephew recently became a Christian. after months of truly wrestling with spiritual questions, the Lord graciously opened his eyes to the Truth. his joy that evening was indescribable. he told me on the phone that he was just so happy, and he couldn’t explain it.

last sunday, davis was baptized.

praying that you have experienced the free gift of eternal life given through faith in Christ alone.


it made me think about the joy that i will witness in Guatemala as the Lord moves in the hearts of those who do not yet know Him. there is no greater thing to witness: the power of the Lord’s redemption. what an honor and priviledge it will be to serve as a missionary there.

the Lord is so gracious. He is the giver of LIFE, of PEACE, of true JOY, of all GOOD THINGS, despite our flawed perception.

many of you know that my pastor, matt chandler, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. he underwent surgery and is currently out of icu. we do not know much more, but check out this video that matt recorded before his surgery. God is GOOD, and the GIVER of life.



  1. what a wonderful blessing! he is a wonderful little boy as are garrett and hayden and of course swet meredith but that davis and his big “wise” eyes, they always make me wonder what he is really thinking! love you cant wait to see you! maybe soon?

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