Posted by: susankayjones | December 2, 2009

child-like faith

this past week I visited my family in Tennessee. it was, as always, full of love, fun and laughter. some of my favorite memories of visiting my family include spending time with my sister’s 4 kiddos.

every trip, i am reminded of the simple joy (and sometimes humor) in speaking truth. this trip, my 3 year old nephew cracked me up when he commented on how i looked in some jeans i was trying on.

Me: Hayden, what do you think?

Hayden: Susu, doz (those) look wee-yud (weird).

Gotta love it.

But, you know what? I appreciated it, and actually agreed (and consequently did not purchase said jeans).

Hayden reminded me that there is something simply beautiful about approaching life as a child. Child-like faith is equally beautiful and simplistic. Kids Village at my church does an amazing job of communicating deep Truths about God in simple terms. So simple, you wonder how you ever forget them.

Two weeks ago, I was blessed to teach at Kids Village about patience. Turns out I’m pretty sure the lesson was more for me than for them.

God is wise: He KNOWS what is best

God is loving: He DOES what is best

God is generous: He GIVES what is best WHEN it is best

Patience=waiting, without complaining, even when things get hard.

Simple? Yes.

Beautiful? Eternally.

Easy to live out? Not a chance.

Possible? Only through His grace and mercy.

(ok, i’ll stop interviewing myself now :)).



  1. I feel like third person type things are catching on in our house! ha! i love you susu! thank you for sharing your life and wisdom with me!

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