Posted by: susankayjones | November 1, 2009

sabbath and simple joys

it’s been so unbelievably refreshing to have an actual sabbath for two saturdays in a row. sometimes life in america is a little too stressful and busy for me. sure, some of that is my own sinful nature of perfectionism and inability to let go, but also, it’s kind of bred here.

despite our culture, however, the Lord has called us to observe sabbath. to truly rest in the Lord. to sit. to process how He continues to refine and sanctify me. to soak in His nature. to enjoy fellowship. to just be.

in those moments of stillness, i am reminded of so much Truth that i have chosen to overlook throughout my busy week. in silence before the Lord, i can hear…but more importantly, i can listen.

it’s also in these moments that the Lord allows joy in my heart from simple things. maybe it’s a beautiful butterfly (ash :)), or an uplifting conversation, or perhaps a glorious walk outside. or maybe, just maybe, it’s finding my way to an empty park with swings that beg me to take a ride.

i just couldn’t resist. swings just make me happy.


in the coming weeks/months, life will undoubtedly get crazy. with the start of my ministry team raising process and beginning the additional training to go overseas, it will be harder to “sabbath.” but, if i  have learned nothing else these two weeks, i have learned that it’s not going to be optional.

and, if anyone just really wants to donate a swing set to the elsby house, i wouldn’t hate that. just sayin.



  1. I love ya! Thanks for the shout out!

    Thanks for this reminder too:-) I think Matt might be preaching on the sabbath sometime soon:-)

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