Posted by: susankayjones | October 25, 2009

satan is rude. prayer is awesome.

these aren’t really revelations. i get that. but, this last week, I lived that title.

upon returning from orlando (see earlier post), i was hit with a lot of spiritual attack on my mind. satan was trying his best to break me down and convince me that moving to guatemala was going to be horrible. rude.  he was very, very sneaky (mr. deeds, anyone?)…and used fear to exacerbate any concerns that i even remotely considered.  rude.

enter an army of faithful pray-ers. awesome.

after processing through fears with family and friends, i can honestly say that within days, their prayers had completely renewed my heart. awesome. it was amazing to watch God work through the prayers of so many who I know were petitioning Him on my behalf, and the many i’m sure i do not know about.

thank you.

the journey continues—and i’m thankful to have you beside me, fighting.

satan won’t ever stop being rude, but praise the LORD that prayer will never stop being awesome.



  1. satan is RUDE!!

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