Posted by: susankayjones | October 10, 2009

orlando bound

tomorrow morning our team is flying to orlando to begin a week-long training with GCM (great commissions ministries). this ministry will function as our “hr” arm, as well as equip us with training for support raising. this is also the ministry in which we will be officially employed while overseas.

our team met today for a great 2 hour meeting with Village mission pastors, matt elkins and jamie hipp. we were extremely encouraged by the meeting and simultaneously wide-eyed as we read went over the extensive training module throughout the year. it includes online seminars, books to read, sermons to listen to, etc., etc., etc.

it’s going to be really neat to see how God uses this to prepare us for ministry. in a future post, i will list all the neat things we will get to do as preparation! two words come to mind: buckle up!

we’d really appreciate your prayers this week as a team.

*team unity/bonding

*against any fears re: support raising

*time of equipping, and also rest

off to bed now….5:45 elsby departure time. (elsby is our house…)

more from orlando…


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