Posted by: susankayjones | October 8, 2009

“the journey” begins

ok, ok…i’m caving. i held out entering the blog-o-sphere for many years, but alas, i have finally succumbed to the social pressure and started one of my own. it’s not that i’m against them at all…i just tend to like flying my freak flag in private, instead of letting the free world in on my random stream of consciousness.

i suppose i have a valid reason now.

you see, it’s been a pretty crazy couple of years regarding my life and the direction it is taking. since my first international mission trip to nicaragua in 2004, the Lord has been wooing me into full time missions. 5 mission trips and countless prayers later, i finally have a plan! and, for those who know me AT ALL, you know that i love a plan! 🙂

Lord willing, in august 2010, i will move to guatemala to pursue full time missions. i am joining a team of 3 other amazing women from my church, the village. we will be training informally until may/june and then begin full time training, before leaving in august. this blog will be a collection of things: thoughts on missions, thoughts on life, things God is teaching me through this process, joys and challenges about becoming a missionary, fears, prayer needs and everything else in between.

thanks for taking the journey with me.

here is the team headed to guate!

here is the team headed to guate!




  2. fly your freak flag high, sister.

    love you!

    p.s. i linked to you as susan “la madre de la casa y el equipo” jones… te gusta?

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